South Africa: Poacher killed by elephant then eaten by lions

A suspected rhino poacher has been trampled on by an elephant then eaten by a pride of lions in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Accomplice poachers told the victim’s family that he had been killed by an elephant on Tuesday. Relatives notified the park ranger.

A search party struggled to find the body but eventually found a human skull and a pair of trousers on Thursday.

The managing executive of the park extended his condolences to the family.

“Entering Kruger National Park illegally and on foot is not wise,” he said. “It holds many dangers and this incident is evidence of that.”

Kruger National Park has an ongoing problem with poaching and there remains a strong demand for rhino horn in Asian countries.

On Saturday, Hong Kong airport authorities seized the biggest haul of rhino horn in five years, valued at $2.1m (£1.6m).

Karma ?????

Queen guitarist Brian May backs Nottinghamshire County Council after fox hunting ban

The legendary musician said the council was an ‘example to the whole of Britain’

The lead guitarist of the iconic rock band Queen, Brian May, has praised a council after it banned all forms of fox hunting on its land.

Last week, Nottinghamshire County Council voted to ban all hunting with dogs on land it owns.

Fox hunting is illegal, but there are several technicalities which some say are still being used to get round the ban.

The new ban blocks all forms of hunting with animals, including those ‘loopholes’, on any land owned by the council.

Now, Dr May, who is a vocal animal rights critic, has Tweeted his support of the ban.

He said the council was “an example to the whole of Britain”.

“Time to move on. Zero tolerance for blood ‘sports’. Congratulations Nottinghamshire County Council,” he tweeted.

The plan to ban it was brought forward by Labour councillors.

The Conservatives – who control the council in coalition with the Mansfield Independents – voted against the ban calling it ’silly’, ‘pointless’ and ‘nonsense’.

However they lost by just one vote – the first defeat since they took control of the council in 2017.

The League Against Cruel Sports also spoke out in favour of the ban, calling it a ‘landmark’ decision.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “This is a significant decision both for the county of Nottinghamshire and the country as a whole.

“We welcome a ban that not only recognises that animals are still being killed by hunts, but that the excuse of ‘trail’ hunting is nothing more than a lie.  

“The League has received 282 reports of illegal hunting in the current hunting season, including 39 reported fox kills.

“We welcome Nottinghamshire County Council’s trail-blazing decision, and we would encourage other counties across the land to follow suit.”

Labour councillor Nicki Brooks, who represents Carlton East, said she was ‘thrilled’ by the ban.

Speaking after the vote went through, she said: “By supporting the motion this council is simply closing the loophole that allows both the ‘accidental’ and deliberate illegal hunting and killing of animals, as well as a ‘false alibi’ regularly used by hunts to avoid prosecution, from taking place on council-owned land.

“I’m thrilled that we’ve managed to secure this result here in Nottinghamshire.”

Article courtesy of Nottinghamshire Live.

Calling out cruelty – MPs debate illegal hunting

Posted 1st April, 2019

Author: Will Morton – Public Affairs Officer, League Against Cruel Sports.

Deceit, subterfuge, cruelty. Those were the words which rang out at the recent Parliamentary debate on wildlife crime. The horror of hunting wild animals with dogs featured heavily, as MPs called for the Hunting Act to be strengthened and lawbreakers brought to book.

Continued illegal hunting has gained increasing political attention of late, and calls for action have grown louder since the public’s clear rejection during the 2017 General Election of ambitions to return to the dark days of legal hunting.

While widely known by animal protection campaigners, the continued killing of foxeshares and deer by hunts and their brazen exploitation of loopholes and exemptions has only recently gained common political currency. Rather than focusing on simply defending the hunting ban, the conversation has now shifted to the many ways hunts flout the law and the simple changes which could end the killing once and for all. Significantly, the Labour Party announced this Boxing Day the detail of its commitment to strengthen the Hunting Act.

The debate, held in Westminster Hall, marked another significant step, allowing discussion approaching the length and vigour that this important issue deserves. Crucially, it has put on record the depth and scale of animal abuse still perpetrated by hunts, and the deception they rely upon.

The Government response, delivered by Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey, was disappointing though not unexpected, amounting to an acceptance of the claim by hunts that animals are chased by accident rather than by design during so-called ‘trail’ hunts. She told the MPs present that the Government has “no plans to amend the Hunting Act”. This follows a recent pattern in which Government statements have suggested that ‘trail’ hunting is a ‘legitimate’ activity, while making contradictory claims that the Government holds no information on, and has made no assessment of, its use as a cover for illegal hunting.

With MPs speaking passionately about the cruelty of hunting with dogs and the wildlife crime it is linked to, it was clear however that many have taken on board the evidence presented by the public, campaigners and the League. It is welcome that, for example, the “cynical subterfuge” of trail hunting, the links between hunts and badger persecution, and the threatening and intimidating behaviour of those connected to hunts are now so clearly on the Parliamentary record.

Chester’s Chris Matheson led the charge, citing figures collated by the League of reports of illegal hunting and kills, recounting the shocking evidence of badger set blocking witnessed by hunt monitors, and echoing one of our key calls to close loopholes in the law.

“At the very least, the law on hunting with dogs needs to be changed to include recklessness as an offence.” – Chris Matheson MP (Labour), Chester

The tenor of the debate and the need for action was also well reflected by the words of Weaver Vale MP Justin Madders and Southend MP Sir David Amess:

“In so many ways, the quality of a nation should be judged by how it treats animals […] We desperately need the Act to be strengthened to ensure that the will of Parliament, and that of the overwhelming majority of the public, is respected.” – Sir David Amess MP (Conservative), Southend

“No ifs, no buts, no exceptions under the legislation. No more excuses. […] Let us reform it so that the cruel and vindictive practice of hunting with dogs is outlawed once and for all.” – Justin Madders MP (Labour), Weaver Vale

Speaking powerfully from personal experience of witnessing the chaos caused by hunts tearing through gardens and frightening children and animals, Laura Smith MP also highlighted the odious practice of terrier work.

“I would like to see more clarity on the role of terrier men […] Their only known function is to block badger setts and escape holes to prevent foxes from escaping underground, and to use dogs to flush out any creature that tries to hide.” – Laura Smith MP (Labour), Crewe and Nantwich

The contribution of Shadow Environment Secretary Sue Hayman was particularly welcome, calling time on illegal hunting and reiterating the commitment of the Labour Party to strengthen the law through various measures proposed by the League. She also noted how out of step hunting with dogs is with the values of rural residents, as demonstrated by polling commissioned by the League and published on Boxing Day.

“As we have heard, a poll commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports found that only one in six rural residents believe that hunting with dogs reflects countryside values. More than nine in 10 think that countryside values are really about observing nature.” – Sue Hayman MP (Labour), Shadow Environment Secretary

The more often the scale of illegal hunting, the reality of the abuse involved, and the overwhelming public support for compassion over cruelty are aired in Parliament, the better. It is vital groundwork in creating the conditions for the strengthening of the law British wildlife so badly needs. In unison with supporters, campaigners, and politicians we will continue to call out hunting for the cruelty that it is and to advocate for change.

Family cat savaged to death by 27 hunt hounds (then handed back in dog food bag) was killed because she ‘panicked and tried to run away’ says huntsman

An elderly family cat was savaged by a pack of up to 27 hunting dogs because she ‘panicked’, a huntsman claimed yesterday.

Moppet, an 18-year-old deaf tabby, was set upon by the pack of hounds which was running through land belonging to her owners.

The family pet’s corpse was returned to its devastated owners in an empty dog food bag two days after being chased and killed near Ravenscar in Scarborough.

Hunt chairman Bill Dobson yesterday said the beloved cat’s death was ‘regrettable’.

He said: ‘The cat panicked and tried to run away, which set the dogs off.’

Moppet had been left out in the family’s garden, in Stoupe Brow, near Ravenscar in Scarborough, to stretch its legs when the attack happened.

Retired owners Les, 75, and Margaret Atkinson, 59, heard a commotion near their house and noticed the huntsman off his horse.

They feared the worst when they later found blood on the ground and realised their elderly tabby was missing.

They later spoke to two members of the hunt, who admitted the dogs had killed the cat by ‘accident’ and the pet’s body was returned two days later in an empty dog food sack.

The incident was reported to the police, but after an investigation officers decided to take no further action.

The couple live in countryside and the hunt can legally cross their land as a public right of way runs through it.

Mrs Atkinson, a retired teacher, said: ‘It was horrific. She didn’t stand a chance. She was an old lady and it was not the way for an innocent animal to meet her end.

‘I can’t bear the thought that in her last few moments she was in terror. She didn’t deserve to die like that.’ The hunt said the dogs attacked when the cat ‘panicked’ and tried to run off.

Mrs Atkinson said they had yet to receive an apology from an official from the Staintondale and Goathland hunts.

‘Moppet was a big part of the family. We bought her the year my daughter went to secondary school. She’s a 30-year-old teacher now and is married. She was devastated when we told her.’

Mr Atkinson, a retired coach builder and grandfather, said: ‘We’ve spent a lot of time crying. She would curl up on our knees every night and would wake us up in the morning. I’m retired, so I would spend hours talking to her.’

The incident happened last week and fortunately the couple’s other cat George managed to hide in a stable and escaped.

‘The cat panicked and tried to run away, which set the dogs off’

The couple said they were alerted by the sound of the hounds and a huntsman was later seen ‘riding off with something bloodied in his hand.’

Several hours later when two of the huntsmen passed their home again, the Atkinsons asked if they knew what had happened. They said they believed their cat had been killed by the hounds.

Mrs Atkinson said: ‘They came back a bit later and said that was true and told us Moppet had probably been taken because they didn’t want us to see her in that state.’

Jean Clemmit, Staintondale hunt master, said she wasn’t present at the time of the incident.

She said: ‘It’s very regrettable and is upsetting for everybody but we can’t undo what has happened. I haven’t been involved in anything like this before. We will take preventative measures.’

Bill Dobson, chairman of the Goathland hunt, added: ‘We always try to control the hounds and normally they are very well behaved.

‘We aren’t barbaric, we don’t set out to cause problems for people. This is a very unfortunate thing and it’s regrettable that the dogs set upon the cat.’

The hunts were on a ‘legal trail hunt’ in which an animal-based scent is laid down for the pack of dogs to follow.

Mr Atkinson said: ‘We just heard a commotion outside and saw the hounds and a huntsman off his horse. He just kept saying ‘I’m sorry.’ Then he got back on his horse and he rode off.’

Hunt supported by Leader of House Andrea Leadsom is caught ‘flouting ban’ as footage emerges of hounds ‘chasing an exhausted fox cub’

  • Footage emerged of the Grafton Hunt club chasing helpless fox cub
  • The banned activity has been encouraged by Tory MP Andrea Leadsom
  • A terrified baby fox is seen racing across an open filed chased by bloodhounds 
  • Now the hunt members could face political investigations and criminal charges

Anti-blood sports campaigners captured footage of hounds chasing after a terrified fox cub – shaming a hunt previously supported by Tory MP Andrea Leadsom.

The senior Conservative politician has been a long-time support of the Grafton Hunt – who’s bloodthirsty pack of hounds were seen racing after the defenseless animal. 

Following the release of the controversial footage, hunt members could now face an investigation over the footage in which they appear to engage in the illegal activity.

Anti-blood sports campaigners captured footage of hounds chasing after a terrified fox cub - shaming a hunting group previously supported by top Tory MP Andrea Leadsom 

Anti-blood sports campaigners captured footage of hounds chasing after a terrified fox cub – shaming a hunting group previously supported by top Tory MP Andrea Leadsom 

The blood sport ban was brought in to stop the use of dogs running down and tearing apart foxes in a sport followed in rural Britain for hundreds of years. 

Now, Hunt members could face a police investigation over the footage in which they appear to flout the ban. 

The footage was filmed last Saturday and captured riders of the hunt in Northamptonshire who seemingly failed to call off the dogs after they picked up the baby fox’s scent. 

 The senior Conservative politician (pictured) has been a long-time support of the Grafton Hunt - who's bloodthirsty pack of hounds were seen racing after the defenseless animal

 The senior Conservative politician (pictured) has been a long-time support of the Grafton Hunt – who’s bloodthirsty pack of hounds were seen racing after the defenseless animal

Tory MP Mrs Leadsom, MP for South Northamptonshire and a former Secretary of State for the Environment, has been a vocal supporter of the local hunt for years.

Mrs Leadsom, who in the days following Brexit was a front runner for the Tory leadership position, previously attended their annual ball and meetings in constituency.  

In an online post – deleted before running against Theresa May during the leadership contest – she wrote: ‘Hunting is alive and well, and so it should be… The case for repealing The Act is, in my opinion, proven.’

But last night she declined to comment on whether she would withdraw support for the hunt.

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Liverpool Hunt Sabs, Report.

So desperate were the Middleton Hunt to avoid saboteurs this weekend they changed their final Saturday meet of the season to this Friday – however being availed of this information we were able to outfox them and take them by surprise along with comrades from Manchester Hunt SabsEast Yorkshire Coast Hunt SabsSheffield Hunt SaboteursWest Yorkshire Hunt SaboteursNottingham Hunt SaboteursLincoln Hunt Saboteurs and Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs

The hunt set out from Westfield Farm, east of Malton, and immediately sabs were on their tail. Sabs kept with them on foot as the hunt covered a selection of the surrounding terrain but mainly going round in circles. They clearly did not have a huge amount of land to hunt today and appeared somewhat stumped by the presence of sabs at every turn, including at one point bizarrely drawing through the grounds of the local hall right next to their kennels before continuing to hunt through woodland. With sabs around, the hunt kept on the move, though sabs were able to keep up with them throughout the day.

The hunt put up a number of deer and at least one fox which we saw flee to safety then covered their tracks by spraying to mask the scent. Hounds went into cry on a couple of occasions but sabs were on hand to call them off. The hunt seemed a little subdued and put out by our presence, at one point the field blocked sab vehicles, but our fleet footed sabs merely got out of the vehicle and whizzed to catch up with the hounds the riders were intending to prevent us from reaching.

Local sabs informed us that they would usually hunt on until 5.30-6pm, however seemingly entirely fed up with our presence they decided to call it a day at 4pm and headed back to the kennels.

Well done to all the groups across the North for being able to respond swiftly and flexibly to the change of plan, in particular Manchester and Sheffield who have been left without a vehicle since last weekend’s ramming – please help them get back on the road.

And thanks to the wonderful Juliette – who we sadly said goodbye to yesterday – for spurring us on to get organised and out in the field today .

FOX KILLED !!! Grampian Hunt Sabs Report and Video.

Fife foxhounds just killed this beautiful vixen fox. From what we can see in the video she was a lactating female meaning somewhere she will have cubs underground likely as you read starting to take the long time to starve to death , This is not pest control not sport but barbaric cruelty legalised by our governments, if the SNP do not completely ban fox hunting then they must surely think this is okay. Please write to your MP and ask why they would not be against this cruelty. If this makes you angry e-mail or phone the hunt don’t let them think this is right but of course keep it polite. PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE.

West Sussex Hunt Sabs, REPORT.

**Tuesday 5th March 19. Crawley and Horsham and Old Surrey and Burstow and West Kent hunt. Joint meet Balcombe. **

After watching the hunt unpack monitors followed the hounds to the meet at Stonehall, Balcombe. There they had a good yak and drinks while the huntmasters gave speeches.
They huntsman of the OSBWK then lead their hounds away from the meet full of pomp and circumstance. It wasn’t long before the hounds were in full cry racing over the hill and into the bushes. Deer and hares were seen desperately fleeing for their lives.

Up on the top of the hill we found the ‘rent a mob’ , 5 quad bikes with terriermen already muddy, at least two with terrier dogs inside. Why would the hunt need terrier dogs and an army of terriermen if they are trail laying? There appeared to be no such trail laid
The terriermen appeared to be keeping an eye on us, so we gave them a little wave

They hunted close to Ardingly reservoir and made their way north to Balcombe forest area. The quads were driving recklessly, and illegally, all over the roads, with complete disregard for pedestrians, horses and other motorists. One lady keen to get her horses out into the field was trying to find the hunt to check it was safe to do so for fear her horse would get scared, they gave her no such courtesy and disappeared before the lady could speak to them.
One sab very nearly got ridden into and squashed by the horses of two mouthy and aggressive huntsmen. 
The field and some quads did a lot of waiting around, although we could not hear the huntsman’s calls so what were they waiting for?…sometimes silence really is deadly

The huntsman lead the hounds far south again where he then worked them through the woods for a final blood lust attempt.The field again did a lot of waiting around and it thankfully was not long after they then made their way back to the meet before dark. It was a long day.

Many thanks for members of Croydon and Southcoast sabs who helped us and those that came to join.

Due to the knowledge of the area combined with some speedy sabs we were able to keep with the hunt all day.


IMPORTANT: MARCH ON 10 MARCH has been updated as follows:

Following discussions with the met police it has been agreed the the start point will now be Cavendish Square. 
The map of the route we will be taking is below. 
Sorry for the late change, it was decided with the numbers expected that the route which is tried and tested and has been used many times is the best option.

The nearest tube station is Oxford Circus and is just a short walk to the start point. 
We plan to meet from midday, with speeches around 12:45 and the start of the march around 1pm.