Red Fox Population Dropped by Possible 44% !!

Fiona Mathews, chair of The Mammal Society warns that the red fox population in the UK may have dropped as much as 44%.

This alarming drop is even more troubling as there’s very little effort made to monitor their numbers; what we do know is that approximately 2/3 of them are to live in urban areas.

It’s a harrowing image of the wildlife, labelled pests, nuisance and hunted for entertainment.

Foxes are already in the small minority of predators that are still even around in modern Britain and haven’t been wiped out. Their role in the ecosystem is indispensable and despite their incredible intelligence and adaptability, they may still just not make it.

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Report From Lancashire Huntsabs.

On Saturday we visited the Blencathra Foxhounds – having heard that they had been meeting at Mungrisedale for the past week, we knew that they would once again finish one of their ‘prestigious’ Carrock weeks by meeting in the area. Visitors from far afield come to watch the hunt illegally killing small animals during Carrock week, staying at the local Mill Inn or at Near Howe holiday cottages.

A local resident informed us that the hound van was seen leaving the kennels at around 8.30am, where it travelled to Near Howe for a coffee morning. When we arrived, supporters had already started positioning themselves east of Eycott Hill, a Cumbria Wildlife Trust area. Huntsman Barry Todhunter obviously intended to get there by hunting through White Moss SSSI and then heading east towards the dribbling ghouls who were waiting. However, his plan was foiled by our presence, and he resorted in desperation to his usual Plan B, heading west to the car park at the top of Swineside. Our spotter on Bowescale Fell was able to convey this information to us from their vantage point. Presumably the hunt had laid several emergency trails just in case they had to change their route. As usual, hunt vehicles blocked the road to deny sabs access to the area, but foot sabs were able to get through. Other foot sabs travelled round to the Blencathra Centre and made their way on foot towards Swineside, effectively cutting off any plans for Todhunter to hunt the wide area within the sabs view.

Todhunter had moved quickly along the Cumbria Way to escape sabs and was forced towards Coombe Heights, where he disappeared and stayed hidden. Hounds were kept quiet all day, and bemused support were left without the gory spectacle that some of them had travelled miles to see. He made his way along the Cumbria Way under Great Lingy Hill and headed east towards the top of Carrock where he hoped to put on some sort of show for the supporters, however sabs made their way up Carrock and he was forced to move on again, this time onto LDNPA land, on a day that the Blencathra wasn’t licensed for.

At the end of the day, feeling thoroughly humiliated, Todhunter as usual did not want to be seen descending the fell by sabs – support began to line the Calebreck road and the hound van was driven down Swineside in an attempt to pick up the embarrassed huntsman and his hounds, but one of the sab vehicles also got there, parking next to Larry Slattery, who has become very camera shy since he retired as joint master (coincidentally, this followed an incident where a fox was seen being pursued by hounds into a reservoir, where it was killed by the hounds.) Hunt support attempted to block the sab car in but failed, as other hunt support radioed the hound van and told them to take another detour to avoid the sabs. The hound van then had to drive around to Wood Hall we believe, as the sab car was once again blocked by support vehicles.

For a hunt that claims to be following a trail, the Blencathra act in desperation to avoid being filmed. They allocate at least 12 of their supporters to follow sabs, either on foot or in cars, radioing Todhunter constantly so that he can escape whenever sabs are near. Shrek-alike James Robinson is always on hand with the quad bike to whisk the ailing huntsman across the fell tops and away from sabs, so Todhunter probably spends more time on his son-in-law-cum-terrierman’s quad than he does on foot.

Here’s a report from a new sab –

‘I was unsure what to expect when I went out sabbing for the first time. I was excited to start helping to protect our wildlife, but I was also worried about confrontations with angry huntsmen and hunt supporters or, even worse, seeing a fox being killed. As it turned out, none of my fears came true. While there were a few nasty comments from hunt supporters, with lovely supportive sabs behind you and the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing, you can brush it off extremely quickly. And while we did spot the hounds once they never went into cry, so thankfully no foxes were killed.

Something that did surprise me was how desperate the hunt was to avoid us. We walked almost 10 miles across the lakes trying to locate them, while another group of sabs was searching from the other side. Not only that, they also sent out what can only be described as spies to (not so discretely) lurk around keeping an eye on us. The fact that they are able to move about at whim and are so intent on hiding their activities from us proves that they cannot be trail hunting.

Seeing first-hand the tricks hunters will use to continue their vile illegal hobby, and how much it ruins their day when we stop them, made the long trek across the fells very worth it. I’ll definitely keep sabbing!’

Please help us to rid the Lake District National Park of vermin by signing and sharing this petiion…


Cheshire Constabulary will be questioned in public over policing of fox hunting

Public invited to submit questions that can be put to acting chief constable Darren Martland

Cheshire police and crime commissioner David Keane has released details of a scrutiny meeting he’s holding to discuss the policing of fox hunting in the county.

The public meeting comes after Mr Keane held a review last year to look at whether the force was meeting its obligations when it comes to upholding the Hunting Act 2004.

Taking place at the Winsford HQ on Monday, February 25, between 9.30am and 1pm, it will include a presentation from the review team.

It will also provide an opportunity for the commissioner to carry-out an in-depth scrutiny of acting chief constable Darren Martland in relation to the review and recent hunting-related incidents.

Public concern has grown because there has not been a single successful prosecution in the county since the law came into effect.

Activists gathered outside the force HQ on Sunday demanding police take action against illegal fox hunting.

PCC Mr Keane told the community: “I want to hear your views. I know this is an emotive and important issue for many Cheshire residents and I think it is crucial that you have a voice – that is at the heart of my role as your commissioner.

“Whilst I may not be able to ask each individual question, I will be working to ensure that all the main themes are addressed.

“As police and crime commissioner, I want to ensure Cheshire Constabulary is enforcing the current law in relation to fox hunting appropriately and legitimately.”

Questions can be emailed using the subject title ‘question’ to or via the comments section on the Cheshire PCC website. All questions must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday, February 13.

Police have confirmed officers are currently investigating the death of five foxes.

Nowadays hunts CLAIM to follow an artificially laid scent but the hounds can latch onto a real fox – then it becomes difficult proving whether the animal was deliberately or accidentally killed. Most people now realise that the reality is that trail hunting is a lie and a cover up for illegal hunting.

Anyone wishing to attend the meeting is required to send an expression of interest to stating their full name and address by midnight on Sunday, February 17. Expressions of interest can also be submitted by calling the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner on 01606 364000.

The commissioner would like to ensure there is a wide spectrum of views represented at the meeting and would appreciate, when people are expressing an interest to attend, if they could state whether they are in favour or opposed to hunting.

Article courtesy of CheshireLive….and a little bit of editing from us, lol.

Trail hunting……..yeah right!!

Atherstone Hunt – Tuesday 5th February 2019 – Earl Shilton

On Tuesday the Quorn Hunt were joined by a few riders from the Atherstone Hunt at the Atherstone meet in Earl Shilton. It would have been another record low turnout for the Atherstone Hunt if former Atherstone Hunt rider Jimmy Driver now with the Quorn Hunt hadn’t brought his friends from the Quorn over to unbox at his business Drivers Animal Feed. They then rode over to the meet at Brockey Farm where they significantly boosted the Atherstone numbers which consisted of two joint-masters and two other Atherstone riders. Between the two hunts they still only managed about 15 riders.

A late start due to the frost and to allow the visiting hunt to arrive meant they finished later than normal. The morning consisted of the usual riding round a few fields with Huntsman Bill Bishop periodically losing control of his hounds, most notably in Peckleton as the hounds went after two hares.

The Quorn Hunt who are not in the best shape themselves after their merger with the Cottesmore Hunt fell through probably now realise that things aren’t too bad after all after now seeing the state the Atherstone Hunt are in.

Quorn Hunt secretary Frank Herrick asked us towards the end of the day as he rode past us down a main road holding the traffic up “Am I going to be on the internet tonight?” Yes Frank you are.

Help us to Hunts from killing foxes by donating towards their fuel costs and equipment.

**Report by pupil of Warwickshire Hunt hounds out of control in school grounds**

We’ve had this report sent to us from a pupil at school in the Warwickshire Hunts area who had to witness the Warwickshire Hunt hounds running out of control over the school grounds. They wanted to share their experience with us. We’ve witnessed for ourselves the Warwickshire Hunt hounds out of control through people’s gardens and their lust for blood overriding what most people would find acceptable. (photo is taken from a recent Warwickshire Hunt meet in the same area where the hunt spent a lot of time on roads)

“30.1.19 –
At lunchtime today I was walking towards the wooded area of my school (which is a school for kids with autism) and was shocked to see a group of about 8 hounds running around, out of control. There were hunt people near the fence, calling the hounds. A couple of other pupils were heading out of the wood because of the hounds. The hounds were in the wood for several minutes, before they headed out across the school field, went through the fence and re-joined the others. It was really unsettling to see hounds running loose in the wood, as it’s always a calm, safe place.”

Courtesy of
West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs

Western Hunt Deemed “Massive Twats” by St. Ives Councillors

In news that will shock absolutely no-one who isn’t a 1980’s throwback, St. Ives Councillors have made the decision to not allow local weirdos, the Western Hunt, to prance about on Feast Day.

A local councillor, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted St. Ives Facts and Statistics as Cornwall Live couldn’t figure out how to answer their phones due to it having so many confusing buttons, and gave us a candid statement:

“Basically they’re all fucking weirdos. Who the fuck wants to tear apart a fox with a dog? If your kid kills a frog for a laugh you get worried he’s going to be the next Peter Sutcliffe, but for some reason if you own a horse and a Land Rover you can do what you like?”

“And don’t even get me started on the ‘we’re just running about chasing scents’ bollocks. No-one really believed that Tommy Rock Shop paid duty on his tobacco and no-one believes that old load of shit either.”

“The local bootlickers like to claim it’s traditional, but then again so was eating your firstborn in Penryn until recently and everyone’s glad they stopped celebrating that at Harvest Festival.”

This has understandably caused upset within St. Ives’ deviant community, with many individuals who exhibit a disturbing lack of empathy angrily pecking their index fingers at their keyboards to complain.

Derek Cretin, Nancledra: “Well there’s just no point keeping the animals I supposedly love if I can’t make them kill other animals like Ted Bundy’s version of Robot Wars. Off to the drowning pits come Monday.”

Gerald Backdoor, Towednack: “I’m just going have to start killing cats again and you know how cross mother gets when I do that”

Frederick Dirigible, St. Ives: “How the fuck am I supposed to maintain an erection if my wife isn’t covered in the still-warm blood of a wild animal with her trousers smelling of horse? Preposterous.”

It seems that St. Ives lurches ever forward into a golden new age of Lattes, Bagels, Contactless Payments and Not Celebrating Blatant Animal Cruelty – what else could the future hold?

Thanks for this report St Ives Facts and Statistics Facebook Page!!

South Coast Hunt Sabs,REPORT.

Are we becoming Dial-a-Sab?

Well the local hunt we were planning on doing was covered, so we headed over to Dorset to assist our good friends from WAR (Weymouth Animal Rights) together with other Sabs and monitors from Southampton, Dorset, Devon County, Kent, Croydon and our Brighton stow away.

We travelled some distance to Sab the Portman Hunt who have recently killed foxes. The meet was at Watcombe House in Blandford. Shortly after 11am they set off at speed with their large field of pony club riders and we closely followed them. As we had several foot teams placed strategically in the area we were never too far away. Of course there weren’t any trails laid. Hounds were encouraged by the huntsman to pick up a scent to no avail. There were 3 equipped quad bikes and a handful of support.

Only one rider wore a red coat which looked more like a Butlins entertainers grubby cast off. Our star horn blower took the hounds from the hunt on several occasions when they went into cry. The first time when they were marauding through someones garden who had a variety of animals there. Let’s say they were not best pleased that the hunt lacked control and were trespassing. Many riders used their horses as weapons throughout the day and dangerously rode full pelt at Sabs.

The weather got progressively worse as the day went on with the field steadily dropping off. The hounds were taken back directly to the kennels and they packed up around 3.30pm. It’s always a shocker to see toddlers out being made to experience the perverseness of their scummy parents.

Keep us in the field:

Come join us – it’s fun (honest)

Any info on Hunts, shoots or any other animal cruelty contact the HSA tip-off hotline:

Thank You South Coast Hunt Sabs !!

North Dorset Hunt Sabs Vehicle Fund. Please Help!!

North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs are a relatively new group of experienced Hunt Saboteurs and Monitors based in North Dorset. Our aim is to help prevent all persecution of animals in the form of non-violent direct action, specifically the badger cull and fox hunting. With our current (personal) vehicles taking a heavy beating due to the high mileage and rough roads, we are now looking for a new vehicle for our Sabs to use while saving Dorset’s Wildlife without risking damaging our own family cars. This is a very expensive and important investment for our Sab group, one which will need the backing of our supporters via Fundraising. Additionally, our Sab group is rapidly expanding and we no longer have enough seats to hold all of our Sabs in our current vehicle. Please consider donating a few pounds towards this vehicle so we can be as efficient as we can be!

Thank You, Let’s Stay Together in the Fight for Our Wildlife.

Victory for The Action Against Fox Hunting Group in Cornwall!!

The following statement is direct from the AAF Facebook page.

Special announcement- Our lovely group have just attended a special council meeting to pass a motion to ban the local ‘Trail Hunt’, The Western, from the annual event St Ives Feast where they have had a presence/ been greeted by the Mayor for apparently 4-500 years. We are very relieved to announce council have agreed with us and voted for this not to happen this year, and if the majority vote of the council and the 6000 people that signed to stop this is listened to, will not happen again! 
One point we presented that the Council found particularly unsettling was a statement from their own website that they found it ‘thrilling’ to chase and hurt animals, the fact also that they were advocating to repeal the ban was another deciding factor (aligning with the Kimblewick Hunt who were recently in the news re a possible trapped/bagged Fox as their inspiration). Council especially stated that this was not acceptable for them to promote this mindset and behaviour. Below is an excerpt from the minutes of the previous meeting giving the Councils overall stance.
Thank you to all our supporters who have signed and shared, those especially who helped gather signatures in the street, the good people of St Ives and our fabulous team who have driven this through. WE DID IT!!! 
Hopefully this will now help other rural towns and villages to stand up and say no to this outdated barbarity, in our Councils words ‘Anachronism’, and let us all see an end to this (another point by our council) divisiveness they are causing in our communities. And finally here’s to new fun and kinder traditions that the majority can enjoy! Thank you. Action against Foxhunting – Cornwall Group 😀🦊🌼

Huge congratulations to all the dedicated AAF Team who have helped in getting this massive result for our wildlife!! Hats off to the council for standing strong on public opinion as well as the overwhelming majority of decent members of the public are against the out dated and barbaric blood ‘ sport’ and those muppets that enjoy hurting our beautiful foxes.

Well Done All

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