West Sussex Hunt Sabs Report on Fox Death. More Police Failure….

On Saturday 29th December 2018, we informed the West Sussex Police of an illegal fox kill by the Crawley and Horsham hunt, a Brighton Hunt Sab had managed to get the body quickly away from the hounds in order for post-mortem. Initially when advised they did nothing even though they could see the hunt riding down the track away from us!

Realising we were not going to get any help (as usual) from the police we ran down the track towards the escaping hunt. The police just sat in their vehicle not moving while we – two lone female hunt monitors – caught up with the hunt on our own to do the police’s job for them and prevent any further kills.

Upon further discussions with the police by other monitors the police said they would speak with the hunt. However, it was quite a while later when the hunt had eventually packed up and were on their way home that we noticed the police only just speaking with them! They were all conveniently tucked away in-between a trailer and vehicle out of sight of all the other monitors and sabs.

SMILING KILLER Fox hunter grins as he torments helpless wounded animal by hurling it through air and stamping on it

Campaigners have asked for the public’s help in identifying a sadistic hunter who was filmed killing an injured fox . What the hell goes through these sick and twisted inhuman pricks?? Why would you take an innocent animal and treat it like this?? Just sick.

For your info….We do have the full video for this but have decided not to show it.

HORRIFYING footage shows a fox hunter grinning as he torments a helpless wounded animal by hurling it through air and stamping on it.

A video taken during a hunt in Spain shows a booted man tormenting the animal after discovering it hiding in undergrowth.

The fox – which is missing one of its hind legs – limp saway after the sick monster throws it up in the air by its tail.

He is seen whacking it with his gun, hurling it a few feet across the field again and then using his right boot to crush its head.

He then proceeds to try to break its neck by pressing the same boot hard down on the fox as its lays dead or dying on the ground below.

At the same time his fellow hunter, who initially urged him to stop, says: “This is a wrestling match.”

The horrific two-minute sequence ends with the animal killer standing over his victim and giggling as he turns to the camera before he walks away.

The Royal Spanish Hunting Federation today published a picture of the sadist grinning over the fox he had just slaughtered as it also joined the campaign to name and shame him.

The organisation tweeted: “RFEC is preparing to file a formal complaint against the man who mistreated a fox in a video.

“It is asking for help in identifying him.”

A spokesman also said it would seek a lifetime hunting ban on the individual if he was identified.

Federation president Angel Lopez Maraver described his behaviour as “despicable.”

He added: “We defend sustainable hunting and condemn the cruelty of this individual.”

PACMA, the Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals which wants to ban hunting, tweeted: “Are these the types of people who look after nature and guarantee a balance in our ecosystem?

“It’s time this violence stopped in our countryside.”

One animal rights campaigner reacted to the horrific footage by writing on social media that he felt his “blood boiling”.

It was not immediately clear on Friday how the footage came to light or where it was taken.

The video was made public by Galician activist and naturalist Marcos Irua.

Article Courtesy of The Sun.

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Chris Packham appointed CBE for services to nature conservation.

MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Chris Packham who has been appointed CBE in the New Year’s Honors for services to nature conservation.

The irony of this recognition from ‘The Establishment’ won’t be lost on him, but neither will the opportunities it will provide for him to expand his outstanding campaigning efforts against illegal raptor persecution, fox hunting and badger killing. Perhaps he’ll wear his ‘Never mind the bollocks – where’s the hen harriers?’ t-shirt when he rocks up at the Palace for his investiture.

On hearing the news, Chris said:

In an age where illegal fox hunting, the continued persecution of birds of prey and the unscientific, uneconomic and inhumane killing of badgers continue, our wildlife needs a voice to shout above the noise. Maybe the silent have spoken, maybe a terrified fox, a wounded hen harrier or a trapped badger whispered and this is their thanks. I’ll take that, say ‘ta very much’ and stop shouting … and start screaming and I won’t stop until the killing does“.

The Nasty Brigade won’t be very pleased. They’ll be spitting the feathers, blood or fur of whatever poor creature they’ve blown to bits today, knowing full well that Chris’s new status will hinder their long-running crusade to have him sacked from the BBC, all because he dares to speak out, in his own time, about their atrocities.

Well done Chris, and thank you. It’s official – you’re bloody brilliant.

Article Courtesy of Raptor Persecution UK

Away from the Boxing Day parades, hundreds of foxes were killed out of sight of the public. This was just one such incident.


Shocking footage filmed by Devon hunt sabs has shown a pack of hounds savagely killing a fox.

Devon County Hunt Saboteurs say the footage was captured during the Eggesford Hunt at Place Farm, on the edge of Okehampton on December 26.

Sabs have alleged the fox was killed in front of them and the video shows how they tried to get the hounds off the fox.

BREAKING: The Crawley and Horsham Hunt have just killed this fox. Saboteurs are still with the hunt preventing any further kills.



* Crawley & Horsham Hunt meet: Saturday 29th December 2018*

Due to the sensitive ongoing Sussex Police investigations we cannot write a report for todays hunting of Saturday 29th December 2018 but we can confirm that a fox was hunted by the Crawley & Horsham hunt and killed today.

We have no words to express how utterly heartbroken we are today. An innocent little being has had his life extinguished this afternoon in the most terrifying and torturous way; disembowelled by the Crawley & Horsham Hunt.

Vegans banned by Lewes pub during hunt.

Vegans were banned from a pub during a Boxing Day hunt, leading to a backlash on social media.

Some people accused The Dorset pub in Lewes, East Sussex, of being “discriminatory”.

Harvey’s, the brewery which owns The Dorset, said it was “appalled”, and an employee had been suspended over the “inappropriate” sign.

Sussex Police were called when scuffles broke out between those taking part in the hunt and protesters.

The Dorset caters for vegans, but banned them temporarily
Image captionThe Dorset caters for vegans, but banned them temporarily

According to its menu, the pub in Malling Street caters for vegan and gluten-free customers, and it was only during the hunt when the sign appeared in the window.

On Twitter, Gilly Smith said: “Isolating and discriminating against their own customers? Really clever marketing ploy. Should be ashamed of themselves and boycotted”

Why bother being in the hospitality business if you’re going to discriminate against the fastest growing market? What a stupid thing to do! Cutting their own throat somewhat!3

A spokesman for Harvey’s said: “Following the comments generated by [the] inaccurate, insensitive and inappropriate poster, the company would like to issue a formal apology for any confusion, offence or upset it may have caused.

“Harvey’s do not concur with the sentiment of this sign in any way, and are appalled at the inconsiderate actions of the individual in question… [an] employee has been suspended pending an ongoing investigation.

“Harvey’s are fully committed to the inclusivity of all guests. We… would like to reassure current and future patrons that all are welcome in our establishments. This will not happen again.”S

The England and Wales hunting ban came into force in 2005 and saw the practice change to drag hunting, in which hounds and riders follow an artificial scent. WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS A COVER UP/LOOP HOLE !!

The Dorset pub deactivated its Facebook page after the photo was shared more than 100 times.