Liverpool Hunt Sabs, Report.

So desperate were the Middleton Hunt to avoid saboteurs this weekend they changed their final Saturday meet of the season to this Friday – however being availed of this information we were able to outfox them and take them by surprise along with comrades from Manchester Hunt SabsEast Yorkshire Coast Hunt SabsSheffield Hunt SaboteursWest Yorkshire Hunt SaboteursNottingham Hunt SaboteursLincoln Hunt Saboteurs and Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs

The hunt set out from Westfield Farm, east of Malton, and immediately sabs were on their tail. Sabs kept with them on foot as the hunt covered a selection of the surrounding terrain but mainly going round in circles. They clearly did not have a huge amount of land to hunt today and appeared somewhat stumped by the presence of sabs at every turn, including at one point bizarrely drawing through the grounds of the local hall right next to their kennels before continuing to hunt through woodland. With sabs around, the hunt kept on the move, though sabs were able to keep up with them throughout the day.

The hunt put up a number of deer and at least one fox which we saw flee to safety then covered their tracks by spraying to mask the scent. Hounds went into cry on a couple of occasions but sabs were on hand to call them off. The hunt seemed a little subdued and put out by our presence, at one point the field blocked sab vehicles, but our fleet footed sabs merely got out of the vehicle and whizzed to catch up with the hounds the riders were intending to prevent us from reaching.

Local sabs informed us that they would usually hunt on until 5.30-6pm, however seemingly entirely fed up with our presence they decided to call it a day at 4pm and headed back to the kennels.

Well done to all the groups across the North for being able to respond swiftly and flexibly to the change of plan, in particular Manchester and Sheffield who have been left without a vehicle since last weekend’s ramming – please help them get back on the road.

And thanks to the wonderful Juliette – who we sadly said goodbye to yesterday – for spurring us on to get organised and out in the field today .

FOX KILLED !!! Grampian Hunt Sabs Report and Video.

Fife foxhounds just killed this beautiful vixen fox. From what we can see in the video she was a lactating female meaning somewhere she will have cubs underground likely as you read starting to take the long time to starve to death , This is not pest control not sport but barbaric cruelty legalised by our governments, if the SNP do not completely ban fox hunting then they must surely think this is okay. Please write to your MP and ask why they would not be against this cruelty. If this makes you angry e-mail or phone the hunt don’t let them think this is right but of course keep it polite. PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE.

West Sussex Hunt Sabs, REPORT.

**Tuesday 5th March 19. Crawley and Horsham and Old Surrey and Burstow and West Kent hunt. Joint meet Balcombe. **

After watching the hunt unpack monitors followed the hounds to the meet at Stonehall, Balcombe. There they had a good yak and drinks while the huntmasters gave speeches.
They huntsman of the OSBWK then lead their hounds away from the meet full of pomp and circumstance. It wasn’t long before the hounds were in full cry racing over the hill and into the bushes. Deer and hares were seen desperately fleeing for their lives.

Up on the top of the hill we found the ‘rent a mob’ , 5 quad bikes with terriermen already muddy, at least two with terrier dogs inside. Why would the hunt need terrier dogs and an army of terriermen if they are trail laying? There appeared to be no such trail laid
The terriermen appeared to be keeping an eye on us, so we gave them a little wave

They hunted close to Ardingly reservoir and made their way north to Balcombe forest area. The quads were driving recklessly, and illegally, all over the roads, with complete disregard for pedestrians, horses and other motorists. One lady keen to get her horses out into the field was trying to find the hunt to check it was safe to do so for fear her horse would get scared, they gave her no such courtesy and disappeared before the lady could speak to them.
One sab very nearly got ridden into and squashed by the horses of two mouthy and aggressive huntsmen. 
The field and some quads did a lot of waiting around, although we could not hear the huntsman’s calls so what were they waiting for?…sometimes silence really is deadly

The huntsman lead the hounds far south again where he then worked them through the woods for a final blood lust attempt.The field again did a lot of waiting around and it thankfully was not long after they then made their way back to the meet before dark. It was a long day.

Many thanks for members of Croydon and Southcoast sabs who helped us and those that came to join.

Due to the knowledge of the area combined with some speedy sabs we were able to keep with the hunt all day.


IMPORTANT: MARCH ON 10 MARCH has been updated as follows:

Following discussions with the met police it has been agreed the the start point will now be Cavendish Square. 
The map of the route we will be taking is below. 
Sorry for the late change, it was decided with the numbers expected that the route which is tried and tested and has been used many times is the best option.

The nearest tube station is Oxford Circus and is just a short walk to the start point. 
We plan to meet from midday, with speeches around 12:45 and the start of the march around 1pm.

‘Can’t save them all, can you?’ Gloating hunter taunts saboteurs as he waves a FOX TAIL at them as he rides past them

  • The hunt is believed to have taken place in Kinnaird Castle, Scotland
  • The huntsman, followed by a pack of dogs, brandishes a fox tail at the saboteurs
  • Many have been angered by the ‘sick’ video posted on a sabs Facebook page

A fox hunter has outraged animal rights campaigners after he was filmed with a fox tail in his hand, saying: ‘You can’t save them all.’

The video is believed to have been filmed on Saturday at Kinnaird Castle, Angus, by hunt saboteurs.

Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs posted the video to their Facebook page on Monday, claiming the rider ‘taunts hunt saboteurs with a severed fox tail’.

They added: ‘As he rides past, he says: ‘Can’t save them all, can you?’

A fox hunter surrounded by dogs approaches saboteurs who are filming from the dirt track

A fox hunter surrounded by dogs approaches saboteurs who are filming from the dirt track

‘This is the face of fox hunting in Scotland: a smirking, gloating huntsman holding the tail of a fox, openly provoking protesters.

‘If this was about “pest control” as they claim, then why the sheer elation surrounding animal death? The excitement? The pantomime? 

‘This isn’t about pest control or whatever flimsy argument they use to justify hunting in 2019, it’s tradition and fun for them – end of story.’

The video shows the saboteurs walking down a dirt track while a man wearing a hunting pink approaches them on horseback.

The fox hunter is surrounded by dogs while another rider and two men on a quad bike can be seen behind him.

As the fox hunter trots past the saboteurs he can be seen grasping on to a severed fox tail.

The unnamed hunter brandishes a fox tail and says: 'You can't save them all, can you?'

The unnamed hunter brandishes a fox tail and says: ‘You can’t save them all, can you?

The video is believed to have been taken in Kinnaird Castle, Scotland and was posted on Facebook by Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs

The video is believed to have been taken in Kinnaird Castle, Scotland and was posted on Facebook by Fife and Central Scotland Hunt Sabs

Many reacted angrily to the video posted by the saboteurs, calling it 'sick'

Many reacted angrily to the video posted by the saboteurs, calling it ‘sick’

He then looks down the camera and says ‘can’t save them all can you’. 

The unnamed person who shot the video said: ‘When we first saw him with the tail, a few of us assumed they had killed, so naturally we were distressed. 

‘However, once it was pointed out that there was no blood and the tail was extremely clean and fluffy, we realised it was likely not from a freshly killed fox. 

‘Hunters will go to great lengths to try and dishearten or play mind games with us, so although the thought of them whipping out a trophy to wave in our faces is morbid, it’s not exactly surprising.’

The video has angered many people who follow the saboteurs’ work.

One person commented on the video: ‘Very sick. Thank you guys for your awesome work.’

Another named Dennis Wilton said: ‘More pressure on the Scottish Government to stop all hunting with horses and dogs. Pest control doesn’t need either. Some humans never fail to sicken.’

One commented: ‘They may get away with it because it’s a wealthy man sick sport.’   

Fox hunting is covered by the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 where it states: ‘A person who deliberately hunts a wild mammal with a dog commits an offence.’

However, an exception to this offence is where permission is granted by the land owner or lawful occupier for someone to use a dog that is under control to stalk a wild mammal, or flush it from cover for the purpose of controlling the number of a pest species among other reasons.


SAB REPORT. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs

Warwickshire Hunt – Ufton – Thursday 28th February



After being caught trespassing and then kicked off MOD land yesterday ( today they hunted a pair of breeding foxes from near Ufton over to Ladbrook, crossing busy roads in the process. Members of the hunt were eventually forced to sab their own hunt and stop the hounds once they realised that sabs had filmed both foxes and hounds. Both foxes got away safely although both looked exausted. At this time of year it is highly likley that this was a breeding pair and that the female would have been pregnant

Video to follow

Please consider donating to help us save more foxes.

Red Fox Population Dropped by Possible 44% !!

Fiona Mathews, chair of The Mammal Society warns that the red fox population in the UK may have dropped as much as 44%.

This alarming drop is even more troubling as there’s very little effort made to monitor their numbers; what we do know is that approximately 2/3 of them are to live in urban areas.

It’s a harrowing image of the wildlife, labelled pests, nuisance and hunted for entertainment.

Foxes are already in the small minority of predators that are still even around in modern Britain and haven’t been wiped out. Their role in the ecosystem is indispensable and despite their incredible intelligence and adaptability, they may still just not make it.

Help us fight for the wild 🦊🌿⚡️

Report From Lancashire Huntsabs.

On Saturday we visited the Blencathra Foxhounds – having heard that they had been meeting at Mungrisedale for the past week, we knew that they would once again finish one of their ‘prestigious’ Carrock weeks by meeting in the area. Visitors from far afield come to watch the hunt illegally killing small animals during Carrock week, staying at the local Mill Inn or at Near Howe holiday cottages.

A local resident informed us that the hound van was seen leaving the kennels at around 8.30am, where it travelled to Near Howe for a coffee morning. When we arrived, supporters had already started positioning themselves east of Eycott Hill, a Cumbria Wildlife Trust area. Huntsman Barry Todhunter obviously intended to get there by hunting through White Moss SSSI and then heading east towards the dribbling ghouls who were waiting. However, his plan was foiled by our presence, and he resorted in desperation to his usual Plan B, heading west to the car park at the top of Swineside. Our spotter on Bowescale Fell was able to convey this information to us from their vantage point. Presumably the hunt had laid several emergency trails just in case they had to change their route. As usual, hunt vehicles blocked the road to deny sabs access to the area, but foot sabs were able to get through. Other foot sabs travelled round to the Blencathra Centre and made their way on foot towards Swineside, effectively cutting off any plans for Todhunter to hunt the wide area within the sabs view.

Todhunter had moved quickly along the Cumbria Way to escape sabs and was forced towards Coombe Heights, where he disappeared and stayed hidden. Hounds were kept quiet all day, and bemused support were left without the gory spectacle that some of them had travelled miles to see. He made his way along the Cumbria Way under Great Lingy Hill and headed east towards the top of Carrock where he hoped to put on some sort of show for the supporters, however sabs made their way up Carrock and he was forced to move on again, this time onto LDNPA land, on a day that the Blencathra wasn’t licensed for.

At the end of the day, feeling thoroughly humiliated, Todhunter as usual did not want to be seen descending the fell by sabs – support began to line the Calebreck road and the hound van was driven down Swineside in an attempt to pick up the embarrassed huntsman and his hounds, but one of the sab vehicles also got there, parking next to Larry Slattery, who has become very camera shy since he retired as joint master (coincidentally, this followed an incident where a fox was seen being pursued by hounds into a reservoir, where it was killed by the hounds.) Hunt support attempted to block the sab car in but failed, as other hunt support radioed the hound van and told them to take another detour to avoid the sabs. The hound van then had to drive around to Wood Hall we believe, as the sab car was once again blocked by support vehicles.

For a hunt that claims to be following a trail, the Blencathra act in desperation to avoid being filmed. They allocate at least 12 of their supporters to follow sabs, either on foot or in cars, radioing Todhunter constantly so that he can escape whenever sabs are near. Shrek-alike James Robinson is always on hand with the quad bike to whisk the ailing huntsman across the fell tops and away from sabs, so Todhunter probably spends more time on his son-in-law-cum-terrierman’s quad than he does on foot.

Here’s a report from a new sab –

‘I was unsure what to expect when I went out sabbing for the first time. I was excited to start helping to protect our wildlife, but I was also worried about confrontations with angry huntsmen and hunt supporters or, even worse, seeing a fox being killed. As it turned out, none of my fears came true. While there were a few nasty comments from hunt supporters, with lovely supportive sabs behind you and the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing, you can brush it off extremely quickly. And while we did spot the hounds once they never went into cry, so thankfully no foxes were killed.

Something that did surprise me was how desperate the hunt was to avoid us. We walked almost 10 miles across the lakes trying to locate them, while another group of sabs was searching from the other side. Not only that, they also sent out what can only be described as spies to (not so discretely) lurk around keeping an eye on us. The fact that they are able to move about at whim and are so intent on hiding their activities from us proves that they cannot be trail hunting.

Seeing first-hand the tricks hunters will use to continue their vile illegal hobby, and how much it ruins their day when we stop them, made the long trek across the fells very worth it. I’ll definitely keep sabbing!’

Please help us to rid the Lake District National Park of vermin by signing and sharing this petiion…


Cheshire Constabulary will be questioned in public over policing of fox hunting

Public invited to submit questions that can be put to acting chief constable Darren Martland

Cheshire police and crime commissioner David Keane has released details of a scrutiny meeting he’s holding to discuss the policing of fox hunting in the county.

The public meeting comes after Mr Keane held a review last year to look at whether the force was meeting its obligations when it comes to upholding the Hunting Act 2004.

Taking place at the Winsford HQ on Monday, February 25, between 9.30am and 1pm, it will include a presentation from the review team.

It will also provide an opportunity for the commissioner to carry-out an in-depth scrutiny of acting chief constable Darren Martland in relation to the review and recent hunting-related incidents.

Public concern has grown because there has not been a single successful prosecution in the county since the law came into effect.

Activists gathered outside the force HQ on Sunday demanding police take action against illegal fox hunting.

PCC Mr Keane told the community: “I want to hear your views. I know this is an emotive and important issue for many Cheshire residents and I think it is crucial that you have a voice – that is at the heart of my role as your commissioner.

“Whilst I may not be able to ask each individual question, I will be working to ensure that all the main themes are addressed.

“As police and crime commissioner, I want to ensure Cheshire Constabulary is enforcing the current law in relation to fox hunting appropriately and legitimately.”

Questions can be emailed using the subject title ‘question’ to or via the comments section on the Cheshire PCC website. All questions must be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday, February 13.

Police have confirmed officers are currently investigating the death of five foxes.

Nowadays hunts CLAIM to follow an artificially laid scent but the hounds can latch onto a real fox – then it becomes difficult proving whether the animal was deliberately or accidentally killed. Most people now realise that the reality is that trail hunting is a lie and a cover up for illegal hunting.

Anyone wishing to attend the meeting is required to send an expression of interest to stating their full name and address by midnight on Sunday, February 17. Expressions of interest can also be submitted by calling the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner on 01606 364000.

The commissioner would like to ensure there is a wide spectrum of views represented at the meeting and would appreciate, when people are expressing an interest to attend, if they could state whether they are in favour or opposed to hunting.

Article courtesy of CheshireLive….and a little bit of editing from us, lol.

Trail hunting……..yeah right!!