**Report by pupil of Warwickshire Hunt hounds out of control in school grounds**

We’ve had this report sent to us from a pupil at school in the Warwickshire Hunts area who had to witness the Warwickshire Hunt hounds running out of control over the school grounds. They wanted to share their experience with us. We’ve witnessed for ourselves the Warwickshire Hunt hounds out of control through people’s gardens and their lust for blood overriding what most people would find acceptable. (photo is taken from a recent Warwickshire Hunt meet in the same area where the hunt spent a lot of time on roads)

“30.1.19 –
At lunchtime today I was walking towards the wooded area of my school (which is a school for kids with autism) and was shocked to see a group of about 8 hounds running around, out of control. There were hunt people near the fence, calling the hounds. A couple of other pupils were heading out of the wood because of the hounds. The hounds were in the wood for several minutes, before they headed out across the school field, went through the fence and re-joined the others. It was really unsettling to see hounds running loose in the wood, as it’s always a calm, safe place.”

Courtesy of
West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs