Victory for The Action Against Fox Hunting Group in Cornwall!!

The following statement is direct from the AAF Facebook page.

Special announcement- Our lovely group have just attended a special council meeting to pass a motion to ban the local ‘Trail Hunt’, The Western, from the annual event St Ives Feast where they have had a presence/ been greeted by the Mayor for apparently 4-500 years. We are very relieved to announce council have agreed with us and voted for this not to happen this year, and if the majority vote of the council and the 6000 people that signed to stop this is listened to, will not happen again! 
One point we presented that the Council found particularly unsettling was a statement from their own website that they found it ‘thrilling’ to chase and hurt animals, the fact also that they were advocating to repeal the ban was another deciding factor (aligning with the Kimblewick Hunt who were recently in the news re a possible trapped/bagged Fox as their inspiration). Council especially stated that this was not acceptable for them to promote this mindset and behaviour. Below is an excerpt from the minutes of the previous meeting giving the Councils overall stance.
Thank you to all our supporters who have signed and shared, those especially who helped gather signatures in the street, the good people of St Ives and our fabulous team who have driven this through. WE DID IT!!! 
Hopefully this will now help other rural towns and villages to stand up and say no to this outdated barbarity, in our Councils words ‘Anachronism’, and let us all see an end to this (another point by our council) divisiveness they are causing in our communities. And finally here’s to new fun and kinder traditions that the majority can enjoy! Thank you. Action against Foxhunting – Cornwall Group 😀🦊🌼

Huge congratulations to all the dedicated AAF Team who have helped in getting this massive result for our wildlife!! Hats off to the council for standing strong on public opinion as well as the overwhelming majority of decent members of the public are against the out dated and barbaric blood ‘ sport’ and those muppets that enjoy hurting our beautiful foxes.

Well Done All