South Coast Hunt Sabs,REPORT.

Are we becoming Dial-a-Sab?

Well the local hunt we were planning on doing was covered, so we headed over to Dorset to assist our good friends from WAR (Weymouth Animal Rights) together with other Sabs and monitors from Southampton, Dorset, Devon County, Kent, Croydon and our Brighton stow away.

We travelled some distance to Sab the Portman Hunt who have recently killed foxes. The meet was at Watcombe House in Blandford. Shortly after 11am they set off at speed with their large field of pony club riders and we closely followed them. As we had several foot teams placed strategically in the area we were never too far away. Of course there weren’t any trails laid. Hounds were encouraged by the huntsman to pick up a scent to no avail. There were 3 equipped quad bikes and a handful of support.

Only one rider wore a red coat which looked more like a Butlins entertainers grubby cast off. Our star horn blower took the hounds from the hunt on several occasions when they went into cry. The first time when they were marauding through someones garden who had a variety of animals there. Let’s say they were not best pleased that the hunt lacked control and were trespassing. Many riders used their horses as weapons throughout the day and dangerously rode full pelt at Sabs.

The weather got progressively worse as the day went on with the field steadily dropping off. The hounds were taken back directly to the kennels and they packed up around 3.30pm. It’s always a shocker to see toddlers out being made to experience the perverseness of their scummy parents.

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Thank You South Coast Hunt Sabs !!