North Dorset Hunt Sabs Vehicle Fund. Please Help!!

North Dorset Hunt Saboteurs are a relatively new group of experienced Hunt Saboteurs and Monitors based in North Dorset. Our aim is to help prevent all persecution of animals in the form of non-violent direct action, specifically the badger cull and fox hunting. With our current (personal) vehicles taking a heavy beating due to the high mileage and rough roads, we are now looking for a new vehicle for our Sabs to use while saving Dorset’s Wildlife without risking damaging our own family cars. This is a very expensive and important investment for our Sab group, one which will need the backing of our supporters via Fundraising. Additionally, our Sab group is rapidly expanding and we no longer have enough seats to hold all of our Sabs in our current vehicle. Please consider donating a few pounds towards this vehicle so we can be as efficient as we can be!

Thank You, Let’s Stay Together in the Fight for Our Wildlife.