West Sussex Hunt Sabs Report on Fox Death. More Police Failure….

On Saturday 29th December 2018, we informed the West Sussex Police of an illegal fox kill by the Crawley and Horsham hunt, a Brighton Hunt Sab had managed to get the body quickly away from the hounds in order for post-mortem. Initially when advised they did nothing even though they could see the hunt riding down the track away from us!

Realising we were not going to get any help (as usual) from the police we ran down the track towards the escaping hunt. The police just sat in their vehicle not moving while we – two lone female hunt monitors – caught up with the hunt on our own to do the police’s job for them and prevent any further kills.

Upon further discussions with the police by other monitors the police said they would speak with the hunt. However, it was quite a while later when the hunt had eventually packed up and were on their way home that we noticed the police only just speaking with them! They were all conveniently tucked away in-between a trailer and vehicle out of sight of all the other monitors and sabs.