SMILING KILLER Fox hunter grins as he torments helpless wounded animal by hurling it through air and stamping on it

Campaigners have asked for the public’s help in identifying a sadistic hunter who was filmed killing an injured fox . What the hell goes through these sick and twisted inhuman pricks?? Why would you take an innocent animal and treat it like this?? Just sick.

For your info….We do have the full video for this but have decided not to show it.

HORRIFYING footage shows a fox hunter grinning as he torments a helpless wounded animal by hurling it through air and stamping on it.

A video taken during a hunt in Spain shows a booted man tormenting the animal after discovering it hiding in undergrowth.

The fox – which is missing one of its hind legs – limp saway after the sick monster throws it up in the air by its tail.

He is seen whacking it with his gun, hurling it a few feet across the field again and then using his right boot to crush its head.

He then proceeds to try to break its neck by pressing the same boot hard down on the fox as its lays dead or dying on the ground below.

At the same time his fellow hunter, who initially urged him to stop, says: “This is a wrestling match.”

The horrific two-minute sequence ends with the animal killer standing over his victim and giggling as he turns to the camera before he walks away.

The Royal Spanish Hunting Federation today published a picture of the sadist grinning over the fox he had just slaughtered as it also joined the campaign to name and shame him.

The organisation tweeted: “RFEC is preparing to file a formal complaint against the man who mistreated a fox in a video.

“It is asking for help in identifying him.”

A spokesman also said it would seek a lifetime hunting ban on the individual if he was identified.

Federation president Angel Lopez Maraver described his behaviour as “despicable.”

He added: “We defend sustainable hunting and condemn the cruelty of this individual.”

PACMA, the Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals which wants to ban hunting, tweeted: “Are these the types of people who look after nature and guarantee a balance in our ecosystem?

“It’s time this violence stopped in our countryside.”

One animal rights campaigner reacted to the horrific footage by writing on social media that he felt his “blood boiling”.

It was not immediately clear on Friday how the footage came to light or where it was taken.

The video was made public by Galician activist and naturalist Marcos Irua.

Article Courtesy of The Sun.