A Good Day Yesterday With Dutching.

It has been a hard winter so far not just for myself but a lot of tipsters across the board. Hard weather conditions have been the result of some strange results, lol. That is why I have taken more to Dutching lately.

This means I can work out the best TWO rated horses in a race that I feel have the best chance of winning. Odds do not matter to me when working out the best chance horses as odds can be very misleading !!

What is Dutch betting?

It’s a multiple bet which covers a number of outcomes. Essentially you back more than one horse in a race using a single stake split evenly to cover all selections, so no matter which one wins you make an equal profit.
There is an element maths involved in working out the stakes, thankfully you don’t have to do this manually instead you can use a dutching calculator which works out how much to stake on each selection to ensure an equal profit no matter which one wins.


Results From Yesterday.

My results from yesterday although not a full house returned good profit from the use of dutching.

Here are the tips I gave my subscribers yesterday.

Single Total Stake : 4.00pts
Wincanton Fountains Windfall 4/7     WON

Single Total Stake : 2.00pts
Ffos Las Fille Des Champs 9/4      LOST

Dutch Total Stake : 3.00pts
Newcastle (A.W) Daily Trader 9/2     WON
Newcastle (A.W) Out Of Order 2/1

Dutch Total Stake : 3.00pts                                                                                         Newcastle (A.W) Trenchard 5/2
Newcastle (A.W) Harlow 7/2      WON

Single Total Stake : 2.00pts
Newcastle (A.W) El Hombre 9/4      LOST

So with the dutching I have chosen the two best horses that I feel have the best chance. On both occasions the second best rated horse has won!! Daily Trader at 9/2 and Harlow at 7/2 ( not many tipped that horse with a chance!! )

So with the weather getting windy again the races will be tough so bet safe and consider dutching!!



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