Another good day!!!


We had another profitable day yesterday !! March has started with a bang to hopeful make up for a not so good winter ( February ) .

March So Far…

Total Points   19.63
Return on Investment   49.07%
Strike Rate   63.64%

Not too shabby so far, lol

Yesterday’s tip’s were as follows,

ype Time Hrs Res Total
Lay Dutch Win 8.88
14:10 Newcastle (A.W) Dutch Art Dealer
14:10 Newcastle (A.W) Safe Voyage
Single 15:00 Taunton Spiritofthegames Win 12.88
Dutch Loss 10.88
16:55 Newcastle (A.W) Volunteer Point
16:55 Newcastle (A.W) Bargain Buy
Dutch Win 14.88
17:55 Chelmsford (A.W) Krazy Paving
17:55 Chelmsford (A.W) Mighty Zip
Single 19:55 Chelmsford (A.W) Saleh Loss 12.88
Single 20:25 Chelmsford (A.W) Delfie Lane Win 19.63

That’s 12.65 point’s profit. £126.65 with £10 bets and £1265 with £100 bet’s. Not Bad!!!

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