A Difficult Winter !!

Just look at the results from this week. A 100/1 winner and a 50/1 winner.

That just about sums up how tricky it has been this winter as who would have tipped either of those winners??? No-one is the simple answer. We have favourites coming last, jockey’s falling and stables pulling horses out left right and centre. But still we must try to deliver.

The good news?

The Cheltenham Festival is just 2 day’s away:)

Now as we all know hurdles is not easy to predict and many tipster’s try to avoid and stay with the flats. I though will look at the challenge head on and probably stick with dutching for the festival. Favourites fall or have off days. Second favourites, for me have more value with maybe not as much pressure.

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Cheltenham Festival 2017



The Cheltenham Festival kicks off on 14th March until the 17th of March and there is plenty of money to be made if betting wisely and using ( in my opinion ) dutching.

IF you are a subscriber of mine in Racing Business then I will be giving you the best two horses of each race at Cheltenham on the morning of the race. This should massively increase your chances of great profits.

No gimmicks here just pure honest tips and some potentially great racing !!

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Racing Business

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Another good day!!!


We had another profitable day yesterday !! March has started with a bang to hopeful make up for a not so good winter ( February ) .

March So Far…

Total Points   19.63
Return on Investment   49.07%
Strike Rate   63.64%

Not too shabby so far, lol

Yesterday’s tip’s were as follows,

ype Time Hrs Res Total
Lay Dutch Win 8.88
14:10 Newcastle (A.W) Dutch Art Dealer
14:10 Newcastle (A.W) Safe Voyage
Single 15:00 Taunton Spiritofthegames Win 12.88
Dutch Loss 10.88
16:55 Newcastle (A.W) Volunteer Point
16:55 Newcastle (A.W) Bargain Buy
Dutch Win 14.88
17:55 Chelmsford (A.W) Krazy Paving
17:55 Chelmsford (A.W) Mighty Zip
Single 19:55 Chelmsford (A.W) Saleh Loss 12.88
Single 20:25 Chelmsford (A.W) Delfie Lane Win 19.63

That’s 12.65 point’s profit. £126.65 with £10 bets and £1265 with £100 bet’s. Not Bad!!!

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A Good Day Yesterday With Dutching.

It has been a hard winter so far not just for myself but a lot of tipsters across the board. Hard weather conditions have been the result of some strange results, lol. That is why I have taken more to Dutching lately.

This means I can work out the best TWO rated horses in a race that I feel have the best chance of winning. Odds do not matter to me when working out the best chance horses as odds can be very misleading !!

What is Dutch betting?

It’s a multiple bet which covers a number of outcomes. Essentially you back more than one horse in a race using a single stake split evenly to cover all selections, so no matter which one wins you make an equal profit.
There is an element maths involved in working out the stakes, thankfully you don’t have to do this manually instead you can use a dutching calculator which works out how much to stake on each selection to ensure an equal profit no matter which one wins.


Results From Yesterday.

My results from yesterday although not a full house returned good profit from the use of dutching.

Here are the tips I gave my subscribers yesterday.

Single Total Stake : 4.00pts
Wincanton Fountains Windfall 4/7     WON

Single Total Stake : 2.00pts
Ffos Las Fille Des Champs 9/4      LOST

Dutch Total Stake : 3.00pts
Newcastle (A.W) Daily Trader 9/2     WON
Newcastle (A.W) Out Of Order 2/1

Dutch Total Stake : 3.00pts                                                                                         Newcastle (A.W) Trenchard 5/2
Newcastle (A.W) Harlow 7/2      WON

Single Total Stake : 2.00pts
Newcastle (A.W) El Hombre 9/4      LOST

So with the dutching I have chosen the two best horses that I feel have the best chance. On both occasions the second best rated horse has won!! Daily Trader at 9/2 and Harlow at 7/2 ( not many tipped that horse with a chance!! )

So with the weather getting windy again the races will be tough so bet safe and consider dutching!!



Racing Business


Racing Business. Best Service Around.

Dear Racing Fan,

Hi my name is Mark Handford. From a very young age I became interested in horse racing. I enjoyed watching the racing on TV and attending the races with my father as often as possible, it was always a thrilling experience.

We lived in a small village called Hassocks which is a nice distance from both Plumpton and Brighton races. Dad was good and I watched how he studied the form, conditions, trainers etc the night before and he would test me on the way to the races who I would think would win and at first I would purposely pick the favourite as a lucky guess but then dad would explain to me how to pick winners that are overpriced and underrated by the bookies.

By the time the last 3 races came around dad had usually had a few too many! So I would start to take over. After a few years I would constantly get more winners than even my dad.

My early fascination grew into a very determined interest in getting to know the horses, jockeys, trainers and owners. As I got older my knowledge and skills grew and I began helping other punters to place successful racing bets.

It became clear that I had a good eye for finding the winners and a good mind for form, past/present performance and ultimately finding value.

My knowledge is always evolving and I build on this continuously, from “time served” the knowledge I have gained over the years. Understanding form, jockeys and trainers certainly give me the edge in choosing the right horses to back.

What sets me apart from other racing services is study, study and more study. I study the race the day before, then the evening and then the morning before. I would never tip the day before as too many factors can change the morning of the race.

It’s because of this exceptional betting edge that I decided to share my success with others, a new racing business where we can all make a good profit from our betting.


Whilst I’m fairly well known in racing and business circles the name “Mark Handford” probably means very little to you. Who am I to expect your trust in joining me in my Racing Business?

I get this and that’s why I choose for my service to be managed by the BetKudos Tipster Platform.

As a managed service you can’t just launch a site with make believe tips and proofing. You have to go and prove yourself 100%. You have to show that you can create acceptable winning results over a fair period of time.

I started proofing to a live audience at the end of May 2016. I continued through to February 3rd 2017 and then my “Racing Business” officially launched on Thursday 9th February 2017.

The doors to my Racing Business are now officially open to an expanded audience.

I’ve been fortunate to turn my passion for horse racing into something really special and now you can join me and get on all my Racing Selections.

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